Web Applications Development

We Develop and Integrate Solutions to Further Enable Your Business

Building your company’s web presence is only a start in today’s market. At Hurd I/T, our application development team is focused on creating customized web portals as well as integrating existing web portal platforms that will further refine your business’ operations. Using the latest technology, our development team collaborates effectively and strives to provide robust solutions that will deliver exceptional results and power your business for long-term future growth.

Some of our Web Application Development Services:

  • Design Specifications and Business Process Consulting
  • Cloud Architecture Solutions and Development Integration Services
  • Workflow Development and User Interface Design
  • Web Applications Development and Mobile Web Applications
  • Database Development and Information Management

Our team is ready to create a solution for your business!



Helping you develop solutions to power your business

By increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business, our team of expert web developers and webmasters will ensure that your returns on investments (ROI) will rise significantly within reasonable time frame. We take full care of every small aspect of web application development process to maximize efficiencies in the overall development process. Our developers integrate workflow and user interface designs with other elements of the application for superior ease of use and functionality.

Our team of experts focuses on your web application development beginning from its conception to its successful implementation. With key aspects of:

  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Workflow & Process Engineering
  • Requirements Analysis and Refinements
  • Identification of Key Data Sources

We continue to take valuable inputs from our clients to develop a web application that will meet their business needs.  We understand that each success story speaks of an outstanding running solution; it is your turn now to share your success story with everyone. Let Hurd I/T create a solution to power your business.


Cloud Development: Architecture & Integration

Extending your current environment through virtualization technologies

Cloud-based applications typically incorporate a hybrid between traditional desktop and web applications.  This basis of cloud computing involves an alternative location for data storage while making it securely accessible at any given point in time.

Not only do these applications offer a rich user experience, but they also deliver instant responses to user actions ala traditional desktop applications.  In addition, they do not need to be installed on a computer and can be updated anytime and anywhere ala traditional web applications.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service, defined as, a software that is accessible online and powered by cloud.  Combined with online storage, you can access your files in an offsite location and have a disaster recovery / business continuity option for your company as well.

Why Legacy Integration?

We understand that the data held in your current infrastructure is extremely valuable.  Being able to extend it to a cloud-based solution using web applications development allows for greater flexibility while retaining the legacy systems that power your business.  This allows for a graceful transition based on your business goals and objectives, not what is dictated to you.  Flexibility means power for your business to grow and achieve a greater ROI.

With our state of the art developers waiting at the edge of their seats to formulate cloud apps for you, it's only a matter of time before you get bowled over by cloud computing, which is set to take over and become the next big thing in technology. With a cloud app, you'll simply need to open your browser, log in, and customize your app and bam! You're all set to start using it.


Workflow & UI Design


Hurd I/T has the unique ability & experience with supporting organizations just like yours to discover the perfect user experience assist your business with meeting its’ goals.

Nowadays mobile devices are continuing to fashion our day to day life.  In this case, website's should be compatible for various devices and not limited to only desktops which are traditionally used.  Devices such as, phones, tablets, laptops, etc. should very much be considered when developing websites.  Responsive Design is an increasingly popular approach to cross-platform. Responsive Web Design enables organizations to meet the diverse needs of their users through a single online channel. Our device agnostic approach to Web Application Development harnesses the power of performance based Responsive Web Design to give your users a great experience regardless if they are browsing on an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, or using their HDTV at home.

The Hurd I/T Web Application Development team has the core competencies & experience to systematically take hold of your business’ requirements, while considering every dynamic as a part of the integrated whole. Only then, will our Web Application Developers determine the overall best solution for your business – ultimately providing your business with a solid custom Web Application that will securely maximize your operational performance.


Web & Mobile Solutions


Web-based application software allows your business to meet your growing demands without the confinement of typical desktop software solutions.  Integrating with your existing applications and infrastructure using a customized solution will help you grow your business, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately transform into better ROI for your business. No custom web application solutions are same as each solution is tailor made to meet a particular business need.

Advantages of Web Applications Development


Since it is custom designed, one need not purchase large software packages with extensive implementation efforts.  Solutions can leverage various products and provide a consolidated flexible solution to meet the business needs. Ease of use, integration with legacy applications, and superior functionality will help you save in operational and overhead costs as your business grows.

Enhanced efficiency

You will be able to get results in desired format you need to power your business.  Improving your turnaround time and efficiency, allowing you to deliver quick solutions to your clients.

Less manpower

Saving on your manpower costs where you can perform the complicated tasks quickly to meet the growing demands of your clientele.

Our team of developers has extensive experience in web application development, deployment, system analysis, software design and integration on a variety of platforms and languages.  We’re ready to meet your business needs for web & mobile development