Our Vision

Hurd I/T Communications is the leading Extensible Service Provider (xSP) that delivers integrated strategy, implementation and application hosting solutions. Our mission is to help our customers achieve real value by delivering eBusiness Solutions that enable them to better serve their customers, collaborate with their partners and suppliers, and work better within their organization.We do not merely engineer solutions for our customers, we become deeply invested in the success of our customers throughout the life cycle of the projects.

Some of the core principles of Hurd I/T Communications:

  • Extensible Service Provider model providing a single point of accountability
  • Built-to-Operate eBusiness experience and knowledge
  • Seamless integration of creative, technical, operational and project management
  • Rapid time-to-value, incremental approach based upon management & implementation practices
  • Objective, technology-neutral point-of-view, and "heavy lifting" integration capabilities
  • Vendor independence and the focus on providing the best recommendations

We believe that the Internet will become the ultimate driving force to enhance the global standard of living by dramatically improving efficiency, communications and the free flow of intellectual capital, paving the way for the emergence of a truly equitable global economy. It's our vision to enable our customers to become a powerful force in the new global economy.

We aim to re-define the traditional rules that govern business today by exploring new frontiers, creating service products, undertaking Project Design & Development and providing Systems Integration in addition to our Consulting Services.