Integration Lab Services

Overview of Integration Lab Services

Extending the Reach of Your Network!

Hurd I/T provides Integration Lab Services for customers who require beyond the typical on-call dispatch to co-location and corporate office facilities.  Our Integration Lab Services allows for configuration and deployment in a lab which mirrors aspects of the production environment.  Customers have direct VPN access to the Integration Lab to participate in the configuration and deployment efforts.  Our Integration Lab is also managed by our Network Operations Center which is a 24x7 operation. 

Our Integration Lab provides a wide array of services including:

Pre-installation prep for equipment. 100Mb Metro Ethernet Internet connectivity.
Onsite 24/7 engineering support. Co-Location installation services.
Virtual networks for SDN, VLAN, and routed networks. Vendor services lab for equipment troubleshooting.
Remote SSL VPN Access services. Video conferencing services and collaborative tools.
Remote IP KVM & Virtual Desktop Services. Onsite NAS, DAS, and virtual SAN storage.
Remote Power Management Services. Customer services facility for onsite customer installation visits.

Hurd I/T has developed the Integration Lab to allow you to Access, Build, Integrate, and Operate your solution and reduce your implementation costs. We work with you to meet your unique challenges and architect the best possible solution for your Cloud.

Access Our Lab Securely From Anywhere

Access Our Lab & Design Your Solution With Our Team Of Engineers

Our team will help you create a solution which fits your business goals. Using our Integration Lab resources, you have the ability to work with our engineering team to design a solution to meet your needs.  A a solutions partner versus equipment or software reseller, we are well versused in each of our partner vendor solutions.  All of our partner vendor solutions are implemented within our infrastructure and used as part of our daily operations for either ourselves or our Enterprise clientele.

Key Aspects of Our Design Services:

System Architecture & Design Reviews.
Enterprise Network Design Services.
Application Reviews and Development Services.
Video conferencing services and collaborative tools for design consulations.
Onsite Vendor Services for Design Consultations & Meetings.

Build Your Solution in Our Lab

Leverage Our Relationships With Our Partners To Build Your Solution!

Hurd I/T's Engineering Team will help you bring your designs and plans to reality. Using our Integration Lab enables you to build your the solution before spending your budget where our team's knowledge can help you make the right decisions and maximize your investment.

Key Aspects of Our Design Services:

Pre-installation prep for equipment.
Engineering Support Services.
Vendor demo equipment & vendor support services.
Video conferencing services and collaborative tools for remote installations.
Vendor services lab for equipment troubleshooting.

Using solutions from our key partners, you can experience the capabilities of the products and have direct access to our partners engineering teams for a combined effort to enable you to realize your solution with minimal efforts.

Our Lab is Powered By:

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Integrate Your Solution Using Our Infrastructure

Integrate Your Solution in Our Lab Across Our Secure VPN!

Working with our team, you can further utilize the environment you have built to learn how to mazimize the potential of your investment. Our team can help you refine the configuration to properly meet your needs in a method know as "Right-Sizing" which is also coupled with Capacity Planning.

Key Aspects:

Engineering Support Services for integration with your network.
 Virtual network deployment for VLAN and routed networks.
Remote Connectivity & Management Services.
100Mb Metro Ethernet Internet connectivity.
 Co-Location installation services.
Vendor services lab for equipment troubleshooting.
Video conferencing services and collaboration tools.
Onsite NAS, DAS, and virtual SAN storage.
Customer services facility for onsite customer installation visits.

Deploy and Operate Your Solution with Us or within Your Infrastructure

We Deploy In Your Infratructure or Ours To Meet Your Goals!

We can deploy your solution in your Data Center / Facility or within our Infrastructure and extend your network securing using our VPN solution. In this model, you have full management and support of our team to augment your staff. Our team acts as an extension of your own team and allows you to have your internal resources focused on business growth versus operational maintenance.

Hurd I/T Integration Lab Advantages:

Leverage Our Resources. Our knowledge and strong partnerships can help you reduce the headaches and frustration of designing and building a new infrastructure.
Optimize Your IT Investment. Our Lab and Engineering Team can assist you in testing and refining your implementation before you invest.
Securely Access Our Lab. Design, Build, and Test your solution and even extend your network to our lab securely.
Data Center Support Our facilities can be used to stage equipment before deployment in the data center which reduces deployment times.