About Us

Hurd I/T Communications is a fast growing company that provides services of Cloud Solutions, VoIP Solutions, Applications Development, Managed Enterprise Services, and Network Security Services. We integrate these solutions and services into the business needs of our clientele to create Enterprise-class solutions which enable the business of our customers.  Our team of developers and engineers have implemented many enterprise-class solutions for Fortune 500 companies ranging from full life-cycle development of CRM/ERP/EAI applications to Enterprise Management Services for 24x7 uptime reliability.

Hurd I/T was started to provide consulting services to the top-tier ISPs focusing on building the next generation applications and network infrastructure which powers most of the leading ISPs today. The ongoing relationships and partnerships with these ISPs has enabled them to offer a larger suite of services for their customers, while Hurd I/T has expanded their service offerings into their partner ISP Data Centers. Now with the partnerships forged through the long-standing relationships with ISPs and leading software vendors, Hurd I/T is building end-to-end business solutions for their customers.